Frequently Asked Questions

How do I qualify for casino comps?

Based on your level of play or average bet and time of play.

How many hours do I have to play to get comped?

The normal time required is at least 4 hours of play at an average bet of at least $100.00. However, please keep in mind most of the Five Star/Five Diamond properties will require a higher average bet per hour.

Can you book me into a number of different Casino Resorts from time to time?

Yes, I act as your Personal Executive Casino Host for all the properties listed on this site, if you are an established player. However, a first time player will have his or her comps based on the results of the first trip at the end of their stay. In a situation like this I will get you a special Discounted Casino Rate.

Does a Personal Executive Casino Host have any discretionary power to give me more or less than a casino comping formula would allow?

Yes, this is what makes the Personal Executive Casino Host stand out in service excellence.

Is there a fee for your service?

No, there is no fee to you from me. It is understood when I book your reservation at a Top Casino Resort that you will play at least four hours of play per day of stay.

If I receive a promotional offer from one of my favorite Casino Resorts should I book it using the toll free number supplied, usually to their Casino Marketing Department?

No.. I can book the same promotional offer for you and usually get you more, because I serve as your Personal Executive Casino Host.

Are there any additional rules I need to know for you to book my complimentary stay at a certain property?

Yes, in the previous 12 months, you must not have stayed at the property or used their player’s card.

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